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We have in place a School Direct arrangement which provides a school-based entry into the profession.  We cater for potential trainee teachers from the point of initial interest, through to interview and then through a high-quality training programme during the training year, based at schools locally.  Our unique alliance allows us to offer opportunities to train teachers in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Special Education.


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With Exceptional, Aspirational, Transformational central to our aims, we invite you to EAT from our CPD menu.

Our CPD and leadership programmes, which are developed in-house by our highly-experienced and well-qualified partners, respond to the ongoing and emerging needs of our members. 

We offer an extensive career-entry CPD  programme for NQTs and RQTs, as well as a comprehensive package of programmes designed to cater for those colleagues who are looking to develop their leadership skills further with the range of leadership and NPQ qualifications.

Within our CPD package, we run curriculum and phase-specific networks, as well as specialist groups centred around a range of themes which are of common interest across the alliance. 

School to-School support

A message from the CEO

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Trinity Teaching Alliance, a unique group of organisations with a vision for developing a highly aspirational culture of expert teaching and school leadership across the north-west.  Golborne High School is the founder member of this dynamic alliance, which works hand-in-hand with Aspire Federation and Quest.


Through our priority areas of initial teacher  training (ITT), CPD and school-to-school support, we are driven to provide opportunities for colleagues across the range of educational phases from Early Years to Primary and Secondary, including our expertise in Special education.


For those considering entering the profession, we have a School Direct arrangement and an expertly designed programme of professional development opportunities designed to ensure that new teachers are supported in a rigorous, retention-driven and research-informed induction programme.


For colleagues who have already qualified, our wide-ranging CPD programme provides tailor-made support for colleagues, no matter their career stage.  Newly qualified teachers benefit from our involvement with the early rollout of the Early Career Framework, which begins a trajectory to leadership. 


Our exceptional, aspirational and transformational CPD menu, from which we invite you to eat is perhaps best viewed in the model below.  There is more about the menu on our CPD page.  


As you may be aware, the partner organisations within the Trinity Teaching School Alliance are highly successful educational providers with many years of experience.  As such, we are in a position to offer a range of school-to-school support through system leadership.  Our team includes NLEs, LLEs and SLEs, all of whom are experts in their field.  


Should you wish to discuss our work, we would welcome hearing from you.

Alison Gormally

(Chief Executive Officer, Trinity Teaching School Alliance)












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